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Bob's having his usual mid-week tennis nightmare. Augmented physics, and the 3 haunting grenade generating cuboids totems.....wait this isn't right!!

Ever played tennis before? Bob hasn't! He certainly doesn't remember the grenade spawning totems.

  • Try and not let the ball go out of the court on your return shot.
  • Don't let it bounce more than once on your side.
  • You can smash those grenades back across that net of the condemned, who knows maybe take out one of those traumatic totems.
  • Either Win the tennis match, cheating is ok!!, or knock all those totems into the lava of despair.
  • Try not to jump in or be politely persuaded by those grenades to go in the lava or it's GAME OVER.


BobsNightmareTennis.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

Unzip to a folder and run the exe file.

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