A downloadable project for Windows

This was created for the Midsummer Jam which had a piece of inspiring music as the theme.

The Team consisted of 

  • Rhoda Ellis (Controller)
  • Duncan Frost (Programmer),
  • Mich Mack (Designer)
  • James McAdam (Programmer)

Music Credit - BenSound (https://www.bensound.com/)

We wanted to make an interactive experience with a unique input device. Rhoda made a puppet as the player controller. We used a Makey Makey to provide to have the puppet act as a keyboard. Duncan and James  programmed the music visualisation to analyse the sound playing and modify the particle effect parameters. Mich developed the particle effects used for the visualisation. 

The visualisation is available to play and the video shows the puppet controller in use. Without the Puppet the controls are as follows:

  •  W, A, S to move down a track
  • D, F, G to move up a track
  • ESC to quit

The version available is the final version for the jam. I will continue to work on it post jam to incorporate feedback for those who played it.  N.B. The track transition can take some time.


musicVisualisation.zip 25 MB

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